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Frau Blucher!



Our old friend Igor (its I-gor!) dropped by our laboratory to offer his read on this monster of the tape. Good morning, hump, thanks for the help. Tapes like these that remind me of when my grandma used to say "What the hell are you doing in the bathroom all day and night? Why don't you get out of there and give someone else a chance!" Let's take a roll in ze hay and take a look.

Hoofy Von Frankenstein continues to point to the constructive action in the Cisco/Semiconductor duopoly and maintains that these have been super tech tells of late. Yes, he's cognizant of the non-confirmation of the internals (breadth still 2:1 negative), but to his trained eye, this action feels more like an accumulation than short covering. Plus, the stochastics are thisclose to confirming their buy signals!

Meanwhile, Boo the monster just walked by in his tux and tails singing Puttin' on the Ritz! He's quick to point to the internals and feels that they NEED to improve to avoid another disappointing close. That said, he's clearly nervous about the quality of the buyers he's seeing. He also wanted to caution us that we've barely been trading for an hour, and there's lots of time left in the day. What an amazing Shwanstooker!

I've gotta jump for my dart game with Inspector Kemp. Before I go, and in the collective interest of the mojo, I wanted to shake up the ranks and call for a proteinfest. That's right, boys and girls, it's a special barefoot edition of SushiWednesday at the hallowed halls.



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