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Alright, I admit caught me. At the urging of Rebbi Slaino, I must purge myself and come clean: The artwork in the Minyanville press release has been fudged a bit. When our talented creative team presented me with the first render, I returned it---there was simply too much weight and not enough hair! After several attempts, I finally agreed to the which point they said "But you look like a twelve year old!" Perfect!

Back in the tug-o-war tape, Snapper continues to run around the office screaming for attention. I know it's been a while, kid, but don't get emotional---there are a lot of balls in there air. Rather than try to digest everything at once, walk through your tells and assimilate the crosscurrents. Let's take a beak, er, peak...

The breadth is slowly creeping better but it still warrants caution on the margin. This measure has been a good harbinger for the overall health of the market, and while a "futures led" rally will "pull up" the breadth, we still need to appreciate the internals. Meanwhile, the financials continue to hold their bid and, quite honestly, that's the most constructive sign in today's tape. Yeah, I know...even a broken clock is right twice a day...but if you're gonna key off the banks, you must respect the action. In Level-Land, we've quickly snapped up to S&P 800 and, as past support is future resistance, we'll need to watch how the tape trades into this zone. It will be interesting to see if it's got the zest to push through.

As you know, this is NOT a financial advice column, and at the risk of overt redundancy, I need to belabor this point. I will, however, continue to share my thoughts with the hopes that my insights will help you to help yourself. That said, remember that this version of Minyanville is only the temporary home for the critters. The official launch is December 3rd and, take my word, you're gonna splotch when you see it! If you would like the critters to ping you when a new column is posted, please send an email to .

Hope this finds you well.


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