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The Unforgettable Fire



If I could throw this
Lifeless lifeline to the wind
Leave this heart of clay,
see you walk, walk away
Into the night---and through the rain


OK, we have Martin tallying up the votes and, thus far, it seems that The WHO and U2 are fighting it out for the number five spot. I am respectfully adding the Dead to the "protected" list with the Beatles. Hey, if nothing else, 50 shows will build "band loyalty!" Oh, one more thing Neil Glassman....WHAM will never make my top five list!

As for the tape, we're quickly approaching put up or shut up time. The internals are begging caution, as is the price action in select tech leadership names. That said, we've been talking about S&P 775 and, well, we're pretty much there. My eye keeps wandering over to our resident tortoise, who's leaning against the wall and impatiently tapping his foot. I hear ya Snapper....but if you're gonna play for a Turnaround Tuesday, I would be tight and stay very disciplined.

Running into a gotta cut this post short.

Fare ye well.


Long Spy

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