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Random Thoughts


Type faster!


  • Perspective is the key to balance.

  • The breadth has been bunk all session. While some of our tells have pointed north (piggies/nets), the internals have been the single best intraday tell.

  • The widely respected Lisio Report is making the rounds and they're calling for the change in non-farm payrolls to be 80,000 (vs. expectations of 150,000). That would be a huge upset (although it would likely be immediately rationalized).

  • If I eat one more Cobb Salad....

  • While I "hear" the disbelief of the recent rally, I have a hard time believing a wall of worry exists with vols at nine year lows.

  • A thrilla with the Shilla!

  • Quality. Not quantity.

  • Car pool!

  • I've got a uber-important midtown mindmeld at 3pm so I'll be slippin' outa the 'Ville a bit early. Thanks (in advance) for your understanding.

  • Homer Hankies? Pah-leeze...

  • The homies are gettin' smoked like a Philly Blunt.

  • Talk about an inventory flush!

  • They should read the last Random!

  • Don't focus so much on the destination. You'll likely forget to enjoy the ride.

  • Breadth remains 2:1 to the bad and supply continues to fill in on each rally try. Still, it's a hiccup until proven otherwise (the trannies, cyclicals and small caps are still above recent acne zones) and there likely won't be any ing)">schvitzin' unless S&P 1130 gives way.

  • Medicine ball.

  • Some big picture vibes from a contemporary scribe.

  • Less than two weeks to go and it looks like Collins will have to chop off his arm to have a shot.

  • I wonder if Cheddar ever made it out of 8-mile?

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