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Random Thoughts


Identify a time horizon before you step onto the playing field.


  • How did an apple ever get in the proverbial eye?

  • The sticky green semis continue to quell Boo's aggressiveness while offering Snapper food for thought. They're also both watching the financials for signs of a turnaround Tuesday.

  • If this last round of playoffs is any indication, the league championship series should be fantastic.

  • According to our pals at Dorsey Wright, the Wall Street sector has now moved into "bear confirmed" territory. Pepe?

  • Minyanville is now read by students in over 200 colleges and universities! If you're a student Minyan, please spread the critter word to your friends, finance clubs, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters and classmates. Remember, it's FREE for students so you're not "selling" anything!

  • The NASDAQ breadth has improved to a marginally positive posture.

  • Up 18-3 at the half and losing on a last second field goal (to the Bears!). It's gonna be a long year for my beloved Raiders. Hey Fokker--pass that humble pie!

  • Levels to watch on the upside: S&P 1035ish (slight downtrend from Friday's high), S&P 1040 (September high), NDX 1385 (Friday high) and NDX 1400ish (yearly high). Levels to watch on the downside: S&P 1026 (daily low), S&P 1020 (gap low), S&P 1015 (acne), NDX 1368 (daily low), NDX 1362 (gap top), NDX 1336 (gap low).

  • Professor Fleckenstein is now posting his rap on his own site. He is still in the Minyanville fold, for those who are curious.There just hasn't been much for him and Boo to discuss lately.

  • "Say hello to my little friend!"

  • This is an important juncture for the Minx. Why? The whole "lower high=failing rally" thing, for one, and the dandruff that's clinging on in the NDX. If we power higher, those patterns are negated.

  • In my experience, interventions typically stem the tide but prove to be short lived.

  • On average, there are 333 squares of toilet paper on a roll.

  • Don't mess with the Wongs.

  • I'm hearing that the treasury department is hosting a 1pm conference call to discuss GSE legislation.

  • How many Boston Minyans have clipped Fokker's morning comment (for use at a later date)?

  • My contacts are telling me that there's a LOT of ETF "long hedges" out there.

  • Crude has snuck back to the $30 level.

  • My ex-girlfriend called me a bad lover. I asked her how she could tell in 2 minutes?

  • The Marlins?

  • More gaps than a shopping mall! The S&P, with its intervention spurred rally, filled today's opening gap. The other gap still sits below.

  • Everything happens for a reason, you just may not realize it at the time.

  • I always feel closer to my grandfather around the holidays.

  • The BKX stochastics are "hooking" at the top (negative).

  • Don't overtrade--wait for your pitch.

  • Why do I sense that this is Joe Torre's last season regardless of what happens?

  • If you're reading this and you're not a registered Minyan, please do the "stand up" thing and sign up.

  • When I awoke on Friday and turned on the television, Dubya was addressing the nation regarding weapons of mass destruction. Listening to his speech (live), I assumed that we found WMD hidden in Iraq (we didn't). Spin City!

  • The squeeze in Amazon (AMZN:NASD) is pretty intense.

  • One of the most important aspects of trading is marrying your risk profile and time horizon. My earlier thoughts regarding stagflation could unfold, in my opinion, but that's not today's business (and shouldn't be incorporated into a day trading thesis).

  • Leakers?
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