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Random Thoughts


Despite the dreadful performance of the averages to date, the fear of missing (a rally) still seems to be more prevalent than the fear of losing.

The chatter on the trading desks re: Bush forcing the dock workers back to the job is getting increasingly louder.

While all the focus is on the Oakland Raider's offense, the key to their (potential) playoff run will be the run stopping ability of John Parella and Sam Adams. Get fired up, Raider Max, I'll be there for our annual tailgate at the Black hole!

The sell side interest we've seen from our trading contacts are long sellers 'getting out.' That is either bearish or bullish...depending on your time horizon.

Sweet potatoes are clearly the most underappreciated starch.

Yes, the tape is oversold, but we're not at "bungee" disconnect levels yet. Doesn't mean we "can't" rally, but I don't have the confirmation from my trusty stochastics (oscillators).

I know Daisy is a "looker," but please refrain from the sexually explicit emails. Hoofy's getting pissed.

The internals continue to warrant caution, but understand that IF (big if) a rally is "futures led," the internals will lag the price action.

In response to the many queries, yes, Dorothy is back in Rubyville and yes, she still has an appetite for strawberry margaritas!

I'm fully aware that Manfred Mann sang "Blinded by the Light," but I believe the Boss penned the original lyrics.

Be back.


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