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The Spankee's



Pop quiz: What do you call October in New York>? Answer: Lonely, if you're a Yankee fan! Yeah, I know it's a stretch finding sympathy out there---the Yanks simply underestimated their opponent and got caught with their pants down. Cowboy hats off to the Anaheim Angel's on a strong showing. You guys showed some guts and Gene Autry is surely smiling down from above.

We power up our systems after our requisite respite to find the European Bourses marginally lower and the slippy Nikkei clipped for another 4%. Man, the Japanese stock market is absolutely abyssful! Meanwhile, south of the border, Brazil did its best impersonation of a Florida Electoral College and tallied votes deep into the night. When all was counted, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva of the Workers party captured about 47% of the votes, which is shy of the "50% plus one vote" needed to gain the Presidency. There will now be a runoff on October 27th to settle the issue. A runoff? I wonder if that's something like a walkoff? Somebody call Derek Zoolander!

In all seriousness, monitor the Bovespa in the days ahead as a potential tell for the banks. The BKX got spanked harder than the pinstripe pitching staff and was roasted for 12% in the final three sessions of last week. I can't stress enough that a firm financial complex is the fiber of a strong stock market. Even if you don't trade the group...even if you only trade soybeans (I knew it!) should be aware of its price action.

Trading is about lucid decision making and precision execution. It is also instinctive to a degree, and while there are some who feel that instincts are overrated, I happen to believe they're a vital aspect of trading. Sometimes those instincts never materialize and turn the way of a passing thought. Other times, they come to fruition and you're left to wonder how your senses identified them in the first place. Why am I telling you this? Well, over the weekend, the hairs on the back of my next start to tingle and that usually means something meaningful is coming. Totally nonsensical and probably nothing, but as column is a forum with which to share my thoughts, I wanted to pass it along. Please stay on your toes this week and step at a time.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, the Minyanville polls were open deep into the night and, after tallying the votes, we found that "black letters on a white background" won in a landslide. As we strive to listen to our readers, our talented tech team will be implementing the new color scheme this week. You will find that, as we edge towards the December 3rd scheduled launch, we'll be tweaking the interim site in an attempt to make it more "user friendly." Please feel free to forward other suggestions or comments to Also, if you'd like our critters to give you a heads up when a new column posts, please ping an email over to

Have a kickin' week!


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