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Random Thoughts


I won't even break a sweat above S&P 1130!


  • What's the point of running advertisements for drugs that treat A.D.D?

  • Wasn't the limit $7.384 trillion USD?

  • Dow Theory chatter (for those that Buzzed off yesterday).

  • The Yankee pitching staff simply isn't deep enough to waste a strong performance.

  • Draft? What draft?

  • "Different wrinkle on the Transports -- Because knowledge, information, service and consumption are among the biggest needs and products of our economy, shouldn't the internet index be the new transportation average?" --Random Thought from uber-Minyan Steve Shobin.

  • There is no such thing as "a" sardine. It is a generic term for any kind of small, saltwater fish that comes packaged in a flat can. There are more than twenty different varieties of small fish sold as sardines - everything from small herring to pilchards and anchovies.

  • S's over N's.

  • The brokers are eyeing XBD 130 again. That's a monster level and would be the feather in Hoofy's hat.

  • We're looking for New York area college students to intern in the 'Ville. If you--or someone you love--is worthy, please give us a ping.

  • I wanted to give a little shout out to our pals at MSHowells&Co. Top notch all the way around.

  • Remember when the internet index (DOT) was left for dead with a 50-handle?

  • "Intra-sector weightings have varied substantially from readings 9-months past. Energy is the obvious benefactor with a 28% increase in exposure from its position at the beginning of the year, now representing 7.4% of the SPX weighting." writes Jeff DeGraaf. That jibes nicely with my view that energy will eventually recapture the highest weighting in the S&P and underscores the field position of that move.

  • Ruby had a rule. "Never thank me."

  • Hedge fund hot potato!

  • "On Sept. 2nd the SPX crossed back through its positive trending 200-day moving average after being below it for 30 trading days. This has only happened 6 times since 1950. The SPX was always higher 60 trading days later with an average gain of 7.8% - so far it is up 1.5%. " --Snoop Tony Dwyer

  • If you're an active Minyan, the Buzz is the place to hang.

  • The jig in the metals that I alluded to this morning isn't some grand conspiracy theory. It was an observation (and may very well be a place to park cash in front of the upcoming elections). Don't read me the wrong way, however, as I believe the secular trends are quite favorable in the long run.

  • RIP Rodney--you HAD my respect.

  • Overbought can get more overbought. Oversold can get more oversold. With that said, S&P and NDX stochastics are gettin' a tad toppy.

  • Some people "get" the critter mission and others never will. If YOU do, please let us offer your network a gratis month in the 'Ville on your behalf. It would be much appreciated and it's the least we can do for ye faithful.

  • The Minyanville weight bet--remember that?--is a scant two weeks from tippin' the scales. 26 Minyans--and countless more playing at home--are shrinkin' and slinkin' towards October 20th. Losers donate $100 to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education and the winner wins a date with Daisy (or any other critter of taste). I happen to have a slew of side bets as well, including a G with Jack Tarver (which explains the steady stream of brownies, cookies and M&M's that have arrived at the office).

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