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Random Thoughts


Boredom isn't an actionable catalyst.


  • Some gold scold.

  • In 1994 Los Angeles police arrested a man for dressing as the Grim Reaper - complete with scythe - and standing outside the windows of old people's homes, staring in.

  • "Positive volume alerts often provide some durability to a move within a sector, and semis saw their biggest moves since the lows of '02. The 200-day on semis is another +13% from yesterday's close, and though that would represent an impressive bounce from the low, it would have little impact on the overall downtrend." - Jeff DeGraaf

  • With the exception of the energy patch, nary a sector has strayed far from the flat line today. The flattish breadth is supporting the slow death.

  • Oy! Silver! Up almost 5% and poking through $7.

  • While the bulls and bears have both been loud this year, the only critter with a leg to stand on is Sammy. Ironic, isn't it?

  • With that said, the long energy/metals vs. short tech/financials would be up a whopping 60%.

  • After being killed during the celebrated Battle of Trafalgar, British Admiral Horatio Nelson was put into a large barrel of brandy to preserve his body during the voyage back to England. When the ship arrived back home Lord Nelson was removed from the barrel and the crew celebrated his achievements by drinking the remaining brandy!

  • Catalyst radar: The VP debate tonight, Alcoa (AA:NYSE) earnings tomorrow, Beeks and the 2nd biggie debate on Friday.

  • Chew toy!

  • Treat people with respect and dignity. You never know when your hat will be in hand.

  • While there was some negative chatter in the homies floating around yesterday, they traded like somebody know Pulte (PHM:NYSE) was gonna puke.

  • I'm gonna link this exchange again as I think it's worth another read.

  • I still think the tape's fate is a battle between what we see and what we can't.

  • Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free...

  • I would be remiss if I didn't express my concern regarding the Yankee pitching staff.

  • The Twins, eh?

  • And they're worried about Daisy?

  • How come I think of Marie from The Jerk every time I hear the word "puke?" (I don't wanna puke).

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