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Pretty Sneaky, Sis!



Beeks delivers a "mixed" report and, as the numbers weren't a "disaster," we're seeing some early short covering in the futures pits. There was low level chatter in the street yesterday that the Unemployment rate would print with a "six handle," so the mere fact that it came in .3% lower is a relief to many (as were the August Payroll revisions). One things for sure, there will likely be a lot of noise in the first hour of trading, so factor that into your process.

As for today's trading action, keep one eye squarely focused on the financial complex for any signs of traction. The BKX is down 10% in the last two sessions and, with the Brazilian elections this weekend, they should continue to be the most important tell for the S&P. Hey Bucky...don't you think we should head on down to Brazil to make sure the elections run smoothly? Do me a favor, though....leave the Speedo's at home this time. Eww!

Over in four-letter land, the semis warrant attention as they continue to waffle around their yearly low (231). Also keep an eye on storage (to see how they react to EMC's miss) and CSCO (a decent harbinger for tech of late) as we look to identify the underlying tenor of the tech tape. It's a long day, friends, and it's been a long week. Still, lucidity is our friend and emotion is the enemy. Keep your head on today.

Tossing on my other hat and running into our morning mindmeld for a little strategy session. Don't forget, if you would like an email alert sent to you whenever the journal is updated, fire a missive over to We should have that up and running for next week.

Good luck today....see you after the opening.


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