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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Is your first sale your worst sale?

  • Where you be, my friend M3?

  • Are my punky putrid Raiders really three games out of first?

  • Is it fair to extrapolate historical precedence to a market with post-bubble imbalances?

  • Isn't it sad that most people won't listen until the proof is in the pudding they can no longer afford?

  • Did you see that gold is (slightly) above the downtrend line that's been in place since the May highs?

  • Will we look back at XAU 134 and wish we woulda bought more metal equities?

  • Where will YOU be when energy overtakes financials as the top weighting in the S&P?

  • Have you locked your spot for the December 1 trot?

  • Why not simply "roll" your firm's holiday party into the Festivus?

  • How many times do buyers of Weatherford under $40 have to be rewarded before it finally sinks in?

  • By the time "Stagflation" is splashed across mainstream media, won't it already be reflected by the action of asset classes?

  • If I dressed up as the Fed's Lacker for Halloween, would that mean that I should Trick or Treat next week?

  • Has the DNA of the market changed by the proliferation of paid to play hedgies?

  • Remember when we used to talk about the first, second and third dips?

  • What does it say that even the bears are buying the first dip?

  • Did you really just double dip that chip?

  • Why do they calculate inflation ex-food and energy?

  • Wouldn't I weigh 185 lbs if I calculated my weight ex-pizza and chocolate?

  • If we buy volatility out one year and lock in current levels, wouldn't that be favorable risk reward?

  • Do you "bucket" real estate into housing stocks, real estate (the real world) and "land?"

  • When is the last time you "did something Joel?"

  • Isn't the market a leading indicator, economics a coincident indicator and real estate a lagging indicator?

  • No, seriously, did you read this uber-spooky article?

  • Isn't it nuts that every single day in October says TICK readings of +1000 and two-thirds saw a TICK of +1200?

  • Does anyone still think that Princess Diana's unfortunate death was an accident?

  • Is a North American community (Canadian natural resources, cheap Mexican labor and American moxie) our only hope to compete on a global basis?

  • What the heck happened to Grey's Anatomy last week?

  • Is your first sale your worst sale?

  • Do you buy when you can (and not when you have to)?

  • When's the last time you smiled so hard that your face hurt?

  • The average mind thinks 60,000 thoughts per day, of which 40,000 are recurring. If you factor in the amount of time you spend thinking about what you have to do and planning for the future, how many thoughts remain about right here, right now?

  • In other words, are you mindful of the present?


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