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Random Thoughts


Safety first!


  • What is the culture of bacteria?

  • Many Minyans have asked about the potential fallout from the Putnam mess. Could it pose a problem? Absolutely...but, as with most things, it won't matter until it does. Monitor the mutual fund inflows/outflows for signs of potential problems.

  • Wanna make a toin of money? Identify whether we're basing (and digesting recent gains) or churning(at resistance).

  • YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY! (How does he know where we're going?)

  • Am I still shaving with the Burned Razor? Yes...but I've hedged the upside with a smattering of cheap calls.

  • Having dinner with grandpa Neil and professor Succo last night, I opined that a "long energy, short tech" portfolio will ultimately make some serious coin. I offered it as a (humble) opinion and I share it as such.

  • Until the 50-day moving averages are broken (and stay broken), there will be little care amongst technicians. Those levels, so you know, are S&P 1025ish, NDX 1370ish and Dow 9563.

  • Why does it take death to make us appreciate life?

  • Good luck to all the NYC Marathon Minyans!

  • As it stands, the breather is the semis is just that--a pause. It's worth noting, however, that the stochastics are pixels away from giving a sell signal.

  • I'm hearing that Fokker is the next "bachelor."

  • The brokerage sector (XBD) is at the same technical juncture as the S&P. Watch this group for clues and signs.

  • The media sector is soft today while energy has started to perk up (along with crude).

  • Europe is mixed.

  • Cisco (CSCO:NASD) is the next major market catalyst (Wednesday).

  • Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.

  • I used to have a boss that was so technically illiterate, he used to scream "Who's this Login guy and why is he on my computer?!?"

  • I'm seeing a lot of "rumortrage" these days.

  • The bears are betting that the economic strength is manufactured by unsustainable forces. Elmer is (desperately) hoping that it triggers a chain reaction of business momentum.

  • If I'm not mistaken, Japan had a 7% GDP surge in the early nineties too.

  • I mentioned a trade yesterday that I wanted to follow up on. A customer bought 90,000 QQQ January 33 puts to sell 90,000 QQQ January 30 puts (a put spread). The hedge is calculated by taking the delta differential (in this case, .28-.11=.17) and multiplying that by the amount of contract (and then the 100 multiplier). The result was 1.5 million QQQ for sale.

  • The dollar is enjoying a long overdue (yet anemic) bounce.

  • Are the bulls trapped or are the bears hoping? Again, watch the financials.

  • Before you drink and drive tonight, visit my brother Joel.
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