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Turtle Soup



A chubby Boo (with cookie crumbs on his shirt) just walked up to a dejected Snapper, turned to make sure I was watching, and then spun back around and yelled at our turtle "BOO'S YOUR DADDY!?!? Man! The last time our resident bear got this cocky, his furry little tail got squeezed to the tune of 350 points! Is this actionable? Heck no-it's just silly metaphorical imagery! Still, there's a lesson nestled in there. If you pitched a good game today, humbly toss the ball on the mound and jog to the dugout-the meat of the lineup is coming up tomorrow.

Outside of a jiggy transport sector, there really wasn't many positives nestled in today's price action. The banks got spanked, the Semi's got smoked and the broader averages followed their lead. Further, EMC just blew and that's gonna dent the sentiment as traders power down. I suppose the "glass is half full" crowd will point to the fact that most of these averages are still holding above July lows...and they're right. As I've said, in order for a true "double bottom" to play out, there has to be an absence of hope. Perhaps some drekky numbers out of Washington tomorrow morning can cause that flush (random thought), but the long side seemingly remains the cute side. Tickle me Toddo!

Not the snazziest of sessions, but before you pick up that fork and stick yourself in the ear, remember that these flickering ticks---however consuming---are but a means to an end. We haven't touched on the lessons we've learned this past year, but as we continue to look forward, it's imperative that we never forget. If you can leave the price action at the door and spend some quality time with your loved ones, it's been a profitable day indeed.

Have a peaceful night.


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