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Bookend Randoms


May peace be with you!


  • Do A.D.D people gravitate to trading or does trading make folks A.D.D?

  • What?

  • Gabbin' on the greenback.

  • Mini-Mailbag from a professor at a Midwest university: "Toddo: Just because a topic doesn't appear in most textbooks doesn't mean a professor shouldn't cover it--perhaps all the more reason to do so! Absolutely the 'Ville should be discussing such issues, especially when many of the professors are so qualified (tape readers). I'm sure you didn't need this 'vote', but my 2 cents. Minyan Matty."

  • Because of Animal Crackers, many kids reach the age of ten believing that a bear is as tall as a giraffe. Because of Minyanville Quackers, many adults believe that a bear is as good as it gets.

  • Ludwig Von Missive.

  • In the memoirs of Catherine II of Russia, it is recorded that any Russian aristocrat who displeased the queen was forced to squat in the great antechamber of the palace and to remain in that position for several days, mewing like a cat, clucking like a hen, and pecking his food from the floor.

  • The common denominator of any successful venture is tenacity.

  • Up on Cripple Creek she sends me if I sprang a leak...

  • Today's tape has been a whole lotta nuttin' (so far) as weekend (electoral) concerns pare off against performance anxiety and the fear of missing.

  • With that said, the other asset classes seem to have a few more reservations than their equity brethren. The metals went out near their highs, the dollar is near 8-year lows and fixed income has attracted interest (no pun intended).

  • The term "hat trick" comes from the game of cricket -- which at one time included the practice of awarding a player who scored three consecutive wickets a new hat.

  • Just how powerful with that XBD 130 breakout be for the brokers?

  • Dirty spoon!

  • Feel good reading for the weekend.

  • I haven't taken a "real" vacation since the end of 2002. That's simply too long.

  • Pump perspective!

  • Halloween is a fantastic holiday but before you grab your car keys, please give Joel a visit.

  • Gonna hop back to the Buzz and ride out this puppy. I sincerely hope you all had a 'good' week and that you have an even better weekend.

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