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Minyan Mailbag-"Intervention"


Right on your nose Sarah!


Note: Our goal in Minyanville is to remove intimidation from the financial markets and encourage an interactive dialogue among the Minyanship. We share this next discussion with that very intent.


I am sure you are getting swamped with comments about your "News and Views" piece, as well as the discussion on the Buzz, but I figured I would toss mine in there as well. I actually found the topic to be very interesting, and as someone who has always been open to all types of philosophical discussions, I certainly didn't find it to be "inappropriate", so thanks for putting it out there.

My only quibble is that because of the two specific examples you gave (the election and pre-Iraq invasion), combined with previous comments you have made on the 'Ville, I wonder if it might be misinterpreted by readers who are unaware of your political leanings or lack thereof. In other words, had I not known from your previous comments to me via e-mail that you were a "conflicted former republican leaning towards Kerry", I probably would have come away from today's discussion thinking that you had a strong pro-Democrat/anti-Bush agenda. That's just how I felt it kind of came across.

My own personal opinion (and as you know I have been all over the political map in the 14 years I've been of voting age), is that manipulation and "helping hands" are not just a Bush phenomenon nor unique to the Republicans, but have been in use for as long as the concepts of politics, power, and money have existed. It's just the tools, and, arguably, the level of sophistication that have changed. And then of course there is what I believe to be the undue influence of media on the shaping of public perception...

Anyway, my thanks to all those who participated in the discussion and shared their opinions. Have a great night!

Minyan Sarah

Minyan Sarah,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and provoking mine. Minyans might remember that you and I first corresponded shortly before the March 2003 invasion when your brother "Shep" (a Sergeant in the USMC stationed in Iraq) shared his thoughts with you and, by extension, the Minyanship. We sponsored a program to send Minyanville cookies, tees and other niceties to our troops abroad and it was well received (who wouldn't want a visit from Daisy?). There are a lot of disparate opinions regarding the war but I think we can all agree that our soldiers deserve and demand our respect and support. Please send Shep our very best and let him know that he's in our thoughts.

My view regarding the 'helping hands' isn't a politically motivated assault. Minyanville, as you know, strives to stay in the middle of the road and focus our energies on the financial landscape. It's true that I am a "former republican" who has been pushed to the left by the events of the last few years. And while I have strong feelings about both candidates, I consider myself an independent with a distaste of anything too radical. I think a lot of 'things' have gotten out of hand in the last few years but maybe that's a function of the world we live in. I honestly don't know.

And you very well may be correct in your assessment that the "games" have been going on for a long time. I openly asked the question whether this time period was particularly abrasive or if I'm simply maturing to the point of recognition. I'm sure there are others more qualified to make that assessment and I look forward to hearing insights in that regard. The point I was making is that there is a very subtle distinction between intervention, stimulus and manipulation. And when viewed in that context, the notion that we aren't privy to the entire decision making process becomes more plausible.

Thanks kindly,


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