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Random Thoughts


If only I could turn the breadth...


  • Poor Petie!

  • "The performance of the SOX is up 70% of the time over last 10 years with an average Q4 gain of 32% in positive years. Only negative Q4 years were after HUGE 1st half gain. The results are even more dramatic in those years with negative 1st half performance." -Snoop Tony Dwyer.

  • Crude--which was off almost 2% in early trading--has edged back to Matador City.

  • And you thought all the shorts were gone!

  • The financials are trying to pick up where they left off yesterday as Citi (C:NYSE) (+1.2%) and Goldman (GS:NYSE) (+1.5%) pace the race. If--big if--they can further their footing, it would obviously bode well for the tape.

  • Is Willy Mays the most underappreciated superstar of all-time?

  • Been there!

  • Pockets of pleasure litter my screens but the breadth has been sloppy all session. As that's been our best intraday tell, we must respect it.

  • Gold finger pointing.

  • The China syndrome--if there is one--will manifest in tonight's Asian trading.

  • Keep an eye on the retailers as the RTH tickles $94.

  • Those Google (GOOG:NASD) puts that I bought with the stock at $170 (and later sold for a 50% gain with the stock higher) are back at my original cost. The stock is $24 higher, of course, which is why I share the tale with you. Vols are phat in this name...

  • You're as cold as ice...

  • Great opening paragraph from the uber-talented John Roque of Natexis Bleichroeder "Man, you gotta be fast in this market. Really fast. Mickey Mantle fast (old-timers will tell you that a young Mantle was the fastest man they'd ever seen, home to first, from the left side of the plate). Lou Brock fast. Willie Wilson fast. Rickey Henderson fast. Ichiro fast. Dave Roberts fast. Flash fast. Yeah, that's how fast--Flash fast. You gotta be like Flash, the Scarlet Speedster. Because the market's fast and you gotta be as fast as the market if you wanna stay alive, not get killed, perform, and make your numbers. Fast thinking, fast feet, and fast fingers to send orders via IM (that's instant messenger) to your trader. Because the speed with which things change, move, jump, and reverse is enough to make even the super speedy Flash open up a window and primal scream until all his market angst and agita dissolves into the emotional abyss. Too dramatic? Perhaps, but only then do you go and review charts."

  • Be good to others and better to yourself.

  • "I can't really remember the names of the clubs that we went to" --Shaq on whether he visited the Parthenon during his visit to Greece

  • Minyan Andy shared this and felt that his fellow Minyans would have an interest.

  • The dollar is off 30 bips and retesting the all-important DXY 85.

  • Wonder-twin powers activate!

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