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Random Thoughts




  • I got called a tree hugger this weekend. What the heck is a tree hugger?

  • Note to Minyans: I'm fully aware that the Germans didn't bomb Pearl Harbor. It was a quote from Animal House! If you were one of the (many) Minyans that advised me to brush up on my history, I strongly suggest that you rent the movie as soon as possible.

  • Again, I have to ask the question: What happens if Russia decides to price its oil in Euros?

  • Despite the pullback from the highs, the breadth is still minty. Look for the bulls to try the upside again if this doesn't abate.

  • Let's forget, for a moment, about the financial black hole that is Iraq and say a prayer for the kids. It seems as if each day brings news of more tragedy.

  • The homebuilders are the new age dot.coms. How do I know? Nobody even tries to pick tops anymore.

  • Fokker tossed me a bag of raisins on Friday and I realized that it's been over 20 years since I ate them as a snack. Raisins!

  • It's better to be lucky than smart (Bank of America (BAC:NYSE).

  • Not to take anything away from the world champion Marlins but the Yanks blew their load on the Sox (so to speak). Further, there was too much infighting and they didn't play as a team. I would be surprised if their coaching staff remained intact.

  • The biotechs fell out of bed. Watch this sector as they've been the carrot to the minxy horse.

  • Gap stores! The S&P is now looking at filling the downside gaps (from this morning and Friday morning).

  • The first test of S&P 1020 (Friday) figured to hold.

  • Keep the change, ya filthy animal!

  • I would be surprised if the S&P sees the north side of 1050-1060 this year. While it's true that I've been surprised before, it seems as if the bears finally have an ax to grind.

  • The only failure is in never to try.

  • Remember US Robotix?

  • Europe is (thus far) holding its gains.

  • Should the tape be acting better in the face of a manic merger Monday?

  • The text of tomorrow's Elmerfest will be the focus but don't forget that durable goods (exp. 1.0%) and consumer confidence (exp. 79.4) will also be released.

  • Told ya the Raiders wouldn't lose.

  • The battle of the semicaps continues. Keep an eye on these names as a sentiment proxy.

  • At least we beat the Red Sox, at least we beat the Red Sox, at least...

  • Tech focus is already beginning to shift to Sir Chambo next week. What's the over/under on how many times he says we're in a "show me" economy?

  • Finding Nemo: Critters at Sea!

  • The macro flow is quiet although I did see some sell interest earlier.
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