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Minyan Mailbag: Timing This Perfectly


Remember, perception is reality.



I've been a fan of yours for years. What made me a fan of yours was the 2000/2001 period when you made some very astute trading calls. Proudly I'm a subscriber of Minyanville. Geoff told me about your company last year and I've enjoyed being a subscriber. I think you are building a company based on something special and I wish you great success.

I was happy to see you put the Hoofy suit on. I think it's very important that you truly deliver a market agnostic approach. I hope you are catching a bunch of grief as that will be a further sign that directionally you're in good shape. Timing this perfectly will be tough but your nose and Jolly Phil Erlanger's data are pointing in the same direction.

Good Luck with your mission!

Minyan Tom

Thanks Tom, although I still cringe at the word "fan" (we do the same thing, I just happen to have a platform). And yes, there were some snazzy calls back in the day but the tape was much different then and, as we all must, I've tried to adapt my style to the environment.

I'm catching some grief although I'm not sure how many of the voices are real (as opposed to the self-induced dialogue). I will offer that the reason for my big picture bearish bent hasn't changed-I think our markets and, for that matter, our nation has a very tough road ahead-but perception is reality I'm simply trying to climb into the mindset of the masses.

I have a ton of respect for Phil "my pockets" and I know Hoofy does as well. If his work, along with that of the Horse Brain Reynolds, Snoop Tone and Jeff Saut align, there is hope for the Matador cause. But at my roots, the only "real" reason I can see for significant upside is the infusion of more liquidity and the acceptance of more debt. And if that happens, the bar tab will be a tough nut for our kids to one day swallow (it already is).




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