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Random Thoughts


The purpose of the journey is the journey itself!

  • This is wrong on so many levels that I'm not sure where to start...

  • December volatility in the S&P is stunningly slim (10.3). I should be so lucky! If you're of the view that motion (under the hood) will morph into movement (of the mainstay indices), there's a tradable disconnect in your midst.

  • Energy and metal equities are en fuego, which is both nice (I own metal shares) and naughty (I never bought back my Weatherford). I've been penny wise and pound foolish a few times in my career--ok, lotsa times--so I'll remind myself that the OSX is 17% off its '06 high as I watch it tickle the 200-day.

  • The reaction to the news in the homebuilders reeks of "What, me worry?" as Spoms suggested, and Minyans should remember that there's a marked difference between a trade and an investment. For those in the former camp, HGX 220ish is the nearest-term technical task. On the latter matter, the neighborhood is fraught with O-Dog type risks.

  • Remember when the chip shtick was THE tell for tech which, in turn, was THE driver of the Minx? The SOX is up a deuce on the heels of KLAC's 9% giggle (KLA-Tencor is the highest weighting in the SOX at 11%). Keep eyes peeled toward NDX 1750-1760, which is multiyear highs. I guarantee that if we edge closer, the mainstream media will be breaking this news.

  • Is anyone else tired? I mean, honestly, I'm so lethargic that it would take me an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes! No rest for the weary, however, as we've got a juiced line-up of FOMC banter (no change/inflation risks) and more earnings. And, in the interest of forthright Minyan communication, odds are that I'm gonna be starting a rather long road trip shortly. No, not the Food King. Business. Pure business.

  • Repeat after me, discipline over conviction.

  • Pepe and I received an unidentified FedEx this morning. Upon carefully opening the box (hey--you never know), there were two tee-shirts from the Turkey Testicle Festival! Minyan Martin Call evidently read Buzzes that Pep and I separately scribed last week and took it upon himself to send us the garb. Thanks, my friend! We'll be making a donation to the Harry Chapin Food Bank in your name. Please know, however, that we've already had breakfast.

  • The weekly Investors Intelligence survey shows a slight increase in bullish sentiment to 52.7% from 5.2.% prior and even slimmer increase in bearish sentiment to 30.1% from 30% last week.

  • Well wishes and white light to QueenAnnWolfMacke®!

  • As always, I hope this finds you well and hanging with some jingle in your jeans. And, if you haven't locked your spot for the December 1 Festivus, get involved! The purpose of the journey is the journey itself!
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