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The Tooth Fairy, Part Deux


You can dance, you can jive
Having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene
Dig in the Dancing queen


You know I don't keep anything from the readers and, as such, I've gotta come clean. In anticipation of tomorrow's quadruple wisdom yank, I just called the oral surgeon and whined like a four month old kitten. I just don't understand why that can't completely knock me out for the whole shebang and put me in la la land for a couple days. Evidently, the nurse has heard this story before and she wouldn't bite. To add insult to injury, I turned around to find Bucky, Junior and JJ laughing their ass off as they watched their boss squirm. Hey fellas, back to work-bonus time is around the corner!

Just as I was about to write how quiet and non-eventful this session was, the Minx is starting to stir and the averages are taking a little dip. I know I'm killin ya with redundancy, but the financials continue to be my focus here on the back of the Household and in front of those frisky Brazilians. Perhaps more important for the day is the action in Bond land, as it seem that the Spoos (S&P futures) got hit just as the bonds, James Bonds, go lifted. I'm also hearing that some low level Iraq chatter again, and that may be hitting the tape.

My boy A.J just pinged me to say that he likes when I use more specific information and I told him that, as we all get more comfortable with the site, I'll get increasingly granular. This is only the interim platform and as the readers become more comfortable with my style and content, we'll take it to the next level. In any event, I'm hopeful that you're finding the Menagerie helpful in understanding the process and mechanics of the street.

Gotta hop and toss on my traders busy all of a sudden. Fare ye well.
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