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Random Thoughts


Hey Adam!


  • That was a very classy move by the Marlins to applaud the Rocket as he walked off the field last night.

  • It sure seems like alotta fahginas, er, traders are using the same stop levels.

  • Has anybody ever seen Eminem and Snoop Tone in the same room at the same time?

  • If and when the time comes for the Burned Razor to "invert" (the Snapper trapper), it will feel very wrong to buy stocks.

  • Yes, I've already thought about the prospect of "gaming" the Snapper and whether it would be inconsistent with my broader, big picture thesis. One step at a time.

  • I couldn't help myself in Countrywide Financial (CFC:NYSE).

  • My humble opinion? I think that the government is acutely aware of the big, stinking elephant in the middle of the room. Yes, I'm talking about Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) which is, by all accounts, the most important financial institution in history. Think of it as a stack of pins lined up as dominos.

  • Audible: Can't do sushi--our "go to" place is either bummin' about the Nikkei or not open for business yet. Turkey clubs, please....and fries well done. (Only because my brother is in town).

  • How the heck did Thomas Jefferson know?

  • Why do psychic hotlines cold call? Shouldn't they KNOW if we're interested?

  • Make sure your risk profile mimics your time horizon.

  • If it were easy, everybody would do it.

  • Today is shaping up as the dip buyers vs. the guessing pressers.

  • The key to successful "scales" is not doing too much at any one level.

  • Check a borrow on Soriano.

  • As I said in this morning's rant, my biggest fear for Boo is next year's election.

  • I guarantee you the Raiders won't lose this week. Guarantee.
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