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Random Thoughts


It's a little too quiet for my feels like the calm before the storm.

The reason I call Alan Greenspan Elmer is because he has always reminded me of Elmer Fudd. Is it me?

The most heavily shorted stocks never go down as much on "bad" days. Look at these semi' about a crowded situation!

I booked my flights for Thanksgiving to Rubyville and I'm psyched to down some margaritas with my gorgeous grandmother Dorothy.

The banks traded heavy out of the gate. When a group can't rally with the futures, that typically infers that there's supply in the street.

Bucky and I share a garbage and I always miss when tossing my trash. Sucks for him!

You think you're having a bad day? Think about those poor souls in Maryland and Virginia who are living in fear of their lives.

I'm hearing that credit spreads in the corporate bond market are widening again...that's a bearish flag.

I have two Abyssinians, Phoebe and Zoebird, who are the original critters.

Reminder to keep your eyes on those Semi's...they feel squeezy.

NYSE breadth is much fuglier than it is in the Nazz as a function of the action in the banks and the drugs.

Seems as if Hoofy's gonna give it at least one try higher. I "think" he gets stuffed.

Two more days till Dentistfest 2002. I know, I'm beating this horse to death but I'm schvitzing ova here!

Gotta hop
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