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Dr. Noose


May peace be with you!


The bruise to Boo's ego has been somewhat severe as the bulls on TV all giggle and cheer . "Laugh all you want," he'll say through his teeth, "if they only knew what lies underneath." I told our young bear at times (through this lift) that nothing is easy, there's no trading gift. "How soon they forgot the most recent bubble and, if you ask me, they're asking for trouble."

Sammy the snake he had something to say and invited the critters to his pad to play. As they sat at the table and readied to eat, the topic soon turned to the talk on the street. "Why fight it?" asked Hoofs as he leaned back to grin, "just look at the past and where we have been." "He's got a good point," chimed Snapper in sync, " these cyclical rallies will drive Boo to drink!"

Boo sat there in silence, not saying a word, then had to pipe in--this was getting absurd! "Have you learned nothing?" He asked while quite pissed, "I'm starting to wonder just what I have missed! The bubble created some pent-up supply that's waiting above on this rally try. The mojo can shift, and shift on a dime, 'cause you all now believe in the new paradigm!"

"You can't fight the Fed," said Sammy in fear, "the goal is to prosper if not persevere.
Elmer is crafting a mass resurrection as all four of his eyes turn toward the election. The journey is long and slippery too, so please be quite careful if bangin' with Boo. The bull camp is stacked, that much is a fact, but the bountiful bovine are slow to react."

They sat there together, just soaking it in and understood clearly it all starts within. The market is dicey, the landscape is rough and the long road ahead will surely be tough. "This too shall pass" once said a wise man, "and believe in yourself and your fellow Minyan." We'll get there together, no matter the grime, we'll find our way forward one step at a time.

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