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Random Thoughts


That's disgusting!


  • Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

  • Those that ignore history are destined to repeat it.

  • The breadth is trying to edge to a better posture as we start to eyeball S&P 1050-1060 resistance (again).

  • The macro hedgies, from what I can see, are fairly quiet today.

  • If the Minyanville writers were the cast of Welcome Back Kotter, who would play Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington?

  • I've gotten the official word from Rubyville: Dorothy is a Marlins fan.

  • Ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you, but when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window?

  • Please help support your local critters by sportin' a snazzy Minyanville tee, chowin' some kick-ass cookies or decorating your kid's room (or your office) with critter art.

  • I'm carefully watching the cyclicals for clues. Caterpillar (CAT:NYSE) is hissing again but the overall index is flat.

  • A pimple on my nose at 34. Honestly.

  • The rally of 2003 seems most obvious with the benefit of hindsight-but how did "it" feel in March? Six months from now, what will be the "obvious" market move?

  • If it's slow, don't force trades. Use the time to build laundry lists of potential longs and shorts.

  • Tonight's parade includes AMGN (AMGN:NASD), Amazon (AMZN:NASD), RF Micro Devices (RFMD:NASD) and Schlumberger (SLB:NYSE). Tomorrow morning? Lotsa cyclicals, a buncha drugs and a smattering of telecom.

  • There are a ton of ways to skin a Minx and it's completely subjective to your individual risk profile. With that said, I'm using the lifts to scale into November puts and have some scattered cheapie calls as an upside hedge. I still wanna play the Burned Razor (particularly into S&P 1050-1060) but with defined risk. Vols are too cheap.

  • When does the oil service sector ignite again? (It just gave a stochastic buy signal.)

  • The longest yard.

  • What would be the most bullish pattern from here? A sideways basing.

  • The Nazz seemingly wants to "go" but there is some stealth distributive action in Microsoft (MSFT:NASD) and Intel (INTC:NASD).

  • Up your nose with a rubber hose.

  • Arbitrary trendline levels: S&P 1010ish and NDX 1360ish.

  • Does today feel like yesterday?

  • Aloha Mr. Hand....there's nothing wrong with a little pizza on our time, is there?

  • What is the catalyst that will motivate the sellers? One thing for sure--if it were apparent, the selling would likely have begun already.


  • For the last time--THERE WILL BE NO DAISY BLOW-UP DOLLS!
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