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Random Thoughts


These baseball games are eating into my beauty sleep!


  • Who would ever want all the tea in China?

  • Strawberry Fields Forever?

  • A quick pension mention.

  • Investor's Intelligence weekly sentiment was released this morning. The Matador crowd increased to 58.9 (from 54.10) and the Red Dye crew dropped to 22.10 (vs. 23.5).

  • I'm sure he'll be back.

  • When Mariano has the Sox five outs away two games in a row--and fails to nail the door--something is amiss. I'm admittedly nervous that the mojo is slippin' through the pinstripes.

  • The Minyanville weight debate is officially over (-8%) and while I plan to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, I'm gonna celebrate in style tonight. Minyans Steve Shobin, John Roque, Michael Santoli, Rodney Lankford, Kevin Wassong will be joining Sir Succo and Kid Collins for a spate of pommie margs before the game.

  • Tech job cuts.

  • Toss Dow 9800 on your radar as it's the '04 low. While the steady downtrend would point to a "lower low," lotsa bulls are diggin' their cleats in at that level.

  • While you're here, can we borrow your handcuffs?

  • Lets get ready to rumble!

  • S&P 1080 and 1060 are the next "tangible" supports

  • The greenback is givin' more green back as it drops another 70 bips below the all-important DXY 87 support level.

  • Roach Motel!

  • There's no inflation? I went for a quick haircut yesterday and was informed that prices were upped by 20%. Adjusted for hair loss, that's a 30% per follacle increase!

  • There's hope for Phoebe yet!

  • Elmer vs. Duke of Earl!

  • "The SPX suffered its 4th day of distribution, and while it's marginally above important support (1100ish), its hourly chart shows greater damage than its NDX counterpart, which remains in a valid uptrend. The recent action of insurers has deteriorated the performance of financials, and with it, the relative performance of the group versus gold. The cumulative money flow charts are deteriorating as is the cumulative +/- volume alerts. All this is evidence of distribution, within our deteriorating trend model. Our suggestion is to stay focused on laggards through January, and play a more defensive game with respect to a market outlook." --Lehman technician Jeff DeGraff

  • I would like to thank the folks at Fordham University for their hospitality last night. I truly enjoyed the interaction and continue to vibe on the teaching side.

  • Countrywide Financial (CFC:NYSE) is the latest straw on the stressed camel's back.

  • I've got an 11:15 meeting with the good folks from Lehigh so I wanted to get the Randoms out to ye faithful.

  • Crude Earl is up 2% in midday Hump trading.

  • The bulls circle the wagons at Dow 9800 ('04 lows) as fresh lows wouldn't have sat very well with the Matador Crowd. As past support becomes future resistance, S&P 1100 is a level to watch. Also please note that the NDX is back above the 200-day. The breadth has yet to uptick with the tape.

  • Nuts!

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