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Random Thoughts


Peter, Peter....


  • After the exhaustive Sox stand, the Yanks were clearly tired heading into the series. Still, they can't take the Marlins for granted--they play gritty, they're aggressive and they aren't intimidated by the legend and lore.

  • Altera (ALTR:NASD) and Texas Instruments (TXN:NYSE) highlight tonight's earnings. AT&T (T:NYSE), Bank One (ONE:NYSE), SBC Communication (SBC:NYSE) and Wells Fargo (WFC:NYSE) will release their reports tomorrow morning.

  • It's very quiet out there today--outside of the spooky music. And yes, we're working on that as we speak.

  • N's over S's. (semis vs. banks)

  • The CFO of 3M (MMM:NYSE) says he sees "no sign of a U.S economic recovery." With the stock higher, the bulls will offer that action speaks louder than words. When the stock trades lower, it'll seem obvious that the cyclicals got ahead of themselves.

  • Build it....and he will come.

  • Fokker returned from South Beach with a goatee, "do rag" and shaved head. Ay Poppy!

  • Watch the biotechs (BTK) as they tickle their September lows. Once upon a time, this sector had "predictive powers" for the Nazz as a whole.

  • S&P 1035ish is shaping up as a near-term support (area of congestion throughout October).

  • My friends are insisting that I join them to watch tonight's Raiders game. Gulp.

  • Are you having a hard time reading today's tea leaves? Then do a bit less until a more discernable edge emerges.

  • Joe's Stone Crabs.

  • Note the NDX gap below (from October 3rd) from 1340 through 1360. It "should" fill eventually.

  • The gorillas were better sellers this morning but when there wasn't any follow-through, they disappeared.

  • Gold continues to hold $370.

  • My eyes keep migrating back to Citigroup (C:NYSE) and Bank of America (BAC:NYSE) for signs of slippage/traction. As it stands, they act a bit heavy.

  • The Cowboys?

  • Why does it always feel worse to lose $100 bet than it feels good to win a $100 bet?

  • You'll never be long enough when they rally or short enough when they fail. The goal is to balance the two such that you're proactive and risk attentive.

  • What are the odds that John Chambers says we remain in a "show me" economy when Cisco (CSCO:NASD) reports?

  • IBM (IBM:NYSE) is having a tug-o-war at $89.

  • Does yellow tail have a yellow tail?

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