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Random Thoughts


Ah, the joys of slitherhood!


  • Is there really something rotten in Denmark?

  • If you subscribe to the "consumer over cyclical" trade, that doesn't mean you have to set up pairs. You can simply look in the former when hunting for longs and scan the latter to fish out shorts.

  • Will I listen to old school LL Cool J and Run-DMC when with my grandkids and say, "Oh the classics--when I was your age..."

  • Beeks takes center stage tomorrow with the unemployment rate (exp. 6.2%), change in non-critter payrolls (exp. -25k), change in manufacturing payrolls (exp. -33k) and ISM non-manufacturing (exp. 63).

  • You don't need to trade every move, you just need to have a high win percentage on the trades you choose to make.

  • The greenback has yet to get any green back.

  • Tony's internal readings were interesting this morning.

  • Professor Goepfert does some fantastic sentiment work on his site.

  • The S&P continues to migrate around its acne levels.

  • I've really come to enjoy the Bill Maher show on HBO.

  • Faithful Minyans: I'll be out tomorrow and Monday as I observe the holidays with my family. While I know the casino will be open for business, there is really nothing more important than logging quality time with the fam. Thank you in advance for understanding and, for those of you who are observing, I wish you an easy fast.

  • Is this a healthy digestion after a spirited sprint or the resumption of the downside after a counter-trend rally? I believe this rally is gonna fail but I'm not convinced it's run its course yet.

  • Have you thoroughly read the contents of the Patriot Act?

  • Student Minyans: Please help spread the critter word to your finance clubs, student unions and college pals. Minyanville is FREE for students and we're gonna be making some trips to various college campuses. If you're interested, please contact! (Note: Daisy will NOT make solo appearances)

  • I'm eyeballing the piggies for signs of life. They've been lagging a bit but, to be fair, they've gotta be a little tired after yesterday's run.

  • Humility should be a constant thread among traders. For if you're cocky and brash, rest assured that the Minx will learn you a lesson one day.

  • Expect the tape to get thin and thinner as the weekend (and Monday) approaches.

  • Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeine!

  • The Raiders should be able to take their next two games (Bears and Browns) before their collision with the Chiefs. If they drop either one of them, we've got some serious issues at the black hole.

  • Thus far, S&P 1020 is acting as a decent resistance (former head and shoulder neckline from September).

  • Wolverines!

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