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Walking a tightrope


Caught up in a whirlwind, can't catch my breath
Knee deep in hot water, broke out in cold sweat
Can't catch a turtle in this rat race
Feels like I'm losin' time at a breakneck pace

(Stevie Ray Vaughn)

Sing it Stevie Ray, and sing the blues Snapper! The odds of an end of day cameo seem to be fading with each passing tick of the clock-and between the bank carnage and the CSCO heaviness, our resident tortoise may opt to hide in his shell. Hey, I hope I'm wrong...but hope has never been a viable investment thesis!

The key to trading this tape, if there is one, is to wait until you see the seams on the ball before taking a healthy cut. Patience and discipline are two words that you will hear ad naseum in this space, as I am of the firm belief that controlled aggressiveness will serve you in good stead.

I'm jammin', but I just wanted to get a post out to you before the closing bell. Trade wisely, and remember, we can trip...the goal is not to fall. No hoping, please...tomorrows a new day.

Good luck


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