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Random Thoughts




  • Sir John Templeton is quite cautious these days. Deja vu, Boo!

  • A timetable for implementing the new Iraqi government is now in place. Shockingly, France, Russia and Germany won't send troops or increase their financial commitment.

  • It's National Chestnut week and you've got a Minyan connection!

  • The Minx is squirty today.

  • How many traders have the same stops below S&P 1040 and above S&P 1050?

  • Once the Yanks stranded Soriano and Jeter on second and third with one out (after the double steal), I looked at my buddy Aaron and said "uh oh."

  • How bad would IBM's (IBM:NYSE) earnings been without the benefit of currency gains?

  • What's flickering behind my eyes right now? Whether a "sell the news" on earnings is too easy or if there needs to be one more squeezy hug. As such, I'm trading "in between," keeping some dry powder and constructing a risk profile that's an extension of my thought process. I wanna be fit as a fiddle when the pitch comes down the pipe.

  • When's the last time you saw A Bronx Tale? "Now you can't leave..."

  • Advanced Micro (AMD:NYSE), Broadcom (BRCM:NASD), EBay (EBAY:NASD), Peoplesoft (PSFT:NASD), Sun Micro (SUNW:NASD) and Xilinx (XLNX:NASD) highlight tonight's parade.

  • A little perspective: the CYC (cyclical index) is only a few percent off its (multiyear) high. What happens if more CATs meow?

  • Keep an eye on Dubya's approval rating. It may fly south for the winter.

  • Europe has stabilized (lower).

  • How money is Pudge?

  • Ask ten people and you'll get ten different opinions regarding the stock market. The only opinion that matters, in the end, is your own. Think very carefully about how you want to be set up in the coming months and don't look back either way. Wouldas, couldas and shouldas are wasted emotions.

  • All of the major indices (S&P, NDX, BKX, DJIA, SOX) have given stochastic sell signals. Again, that's not a timing mechanism, per se, but when coupled with overhead resistance, it's something to add to the mix.

  • I feel like the Toddo stochastic is pretzel twisting at the bottom.

  • Remember Quotron?

  • It's uber-important to have a risk profile that matches your time horizon.

  • Housing starts, building permits and the Wolverine confidence number are due out tomorrow.

  • As it stands, the tape acts better than I would have thought (given the news).

  • Tomorrow's expiration is likely adding "stickiness" to current levels. If past form holds, next week may get wiggy.

  • If the Sox win, I'll be happy for Minyans Dan Meehan and George Hill--but that's about it.

  • Philly Fed just juiced the tape. (Don't overtrade the number)

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