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Randoms for the Bell


May peace be with you!


  • Tony Dwyer--sportin' a milk moustache--would be an awesome spokesman for the American Daisy, er, Dairy Association.

  • The Minx is simultaneously probing four resistance levels--NDX 1440, CYC 680-685, INDU 9975 and Russell 570.

  • How 'bout dem Orange?

  • Yes, Random Thoughts typically increase towards the end of the week as my creative juices dry up.

  • The dry trannie action yesterday was a "wink" for today's jig.

  • I have a plan. It includes climbing into bed, turning off the phone and watching the Yankees try to win a very important game three.

  • Lotsa earnings next week--keep those #2's sharp!

  • Vols are comin' back in--the VXO is off 7%.

  • I love the 'Ville more than you know. But sometimes I wish I could take a day or two away from the fray without anyone noticing.

  • Do I think that there's "exogenous shock" risk into November 2? Yes. Am I making a huge bet that way? No. Do I have some defined risk puts on because they're cheap enough to warrant it? Yes.

  • Franklin and Martha sitting in a tree...

  • I wonder if the Aflac duck is getting roasted?

  • Now I know where Phoebe and Zoë ran off to when the housekeeper left the door open!

  • The fundamentals of the metals are long-term bullish. The risk to this thesis is the deflationary scenario (if Elmer pulls the plug on the printing press). If that happens, asset classes should fall in synch.

  • What's my favorite nation? A Do-nation!

  • I'm excited for our new contributors!

  • Crude back in Matador City. Wowzers.

  • Chasing your dreams is never easy but it feels awesome when you catch 'em.

  • Keep DXY 87 (dollar index support) on your radar and be sure to keep on eye on it come Monday.

  • Big Minyan mindmeld next Wednesday with Steve Shobin, John Roque, Michael Santoli, Tony Dwyer and Rodney Lankford. I just hope the Yankee/Sox series doesn't go seven!

  • Fare ye well into the bell and have a tremendous weekend!

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