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Random Thoughts


Now oil matters?


  • Debbie Downer on the dollar and deficit.

  • Hoofy is watching the traction in the financials and the NYSE breadth (2:1 positive). Boo is eyeing the nets (heavy), insurers (trying to craw back) and the clock (he's tired).

  • Central Bank honesty!

  • And I was concerned by the Hershey Miniature wrappers....

  • A 'clue' originally meant a ball of thread. Hence, one unravels the clues of a mystery.

  • With the market so haphazard, is it any wonder why traders are so A.D.D?

  • We've got a snazzy new writer joining the 'Ville on Monday. I think you'll dig his unique approach and active insight.

  • Channel Check!

  • Is it "nip it in the bud" or "nip it in the butt?" Never quite figured that one out.

  • The dollar index is sitting directly on support (DXY 87).

  • Netflix (NFLX:NASD) down 40%. HELLUVA call Herb!

  • A stretched out Slinky is 87 feet long.

  • DeView from Lehman scribe Jeff DeGraaf:"Our sense for the remainder of the 4th quarter has been that leaders were vulnerable. From a tactical standpoint, they represent one of the few salvations to positive returns in the market this year. The tight distribution of returns from 90% of the investment community (+/- 5%) leaves very little room for error, and less comfort to deviate from consensus."

  • In January of 1942, during World War II, U.S. bakers were ordered to stop selling sliced bread for the duration of the war. Only whole loaves were made available to the public. It was never explained how this action helped the war effort.

  • Ran into a rainstorm, I ducked back into Novato.

  • Elmer is on the tape offering that oil prices are having a "noticeable" effect on the economy and that uncertainty will continue for some time. Further, he opines that continued high prices would "alter" oil use. Ya think?

  • The bears are sniffin' bids as we ready for our sushi print. S&P 1100 remains the ripcord level for the technical types in our midst. I continue to think that there's downside risk (into the election) but I'm not sure if it's today's business. And, of course, if crude spills appreciably, there will likely be some hugs and squeezes.

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