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Random Thoughts


Conference calls should be rescheduled due to October baseball!


  • There are more molecules in a teaspoon of water than there are teaspoons of water in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • If I told you at 9:29 am that you coulda bought the market "flat," what would you have said? How 'bout if I asked the same question at 10:29?

  • The currency of Vietnam is the Dong. Do they have a strong dong policy or a weak dong policy???

  • These baseball games are hazardous to my health. Are we really supposed to choose the gym over cold beer, hot wings, good friends and playoff baseball?

  • Who misses 1/8ths?

  • Kevin "Pepe" Depew is a class act and a Minyan to the bone.

  • Beeks will be active tomorrow with the See Pee Eye (exp. .2%, ex-chow .1%), Initial jobless claims (exp. 385k), continuing claims (exp. 3645k), Biz inventories (exp. -.1%), Industrial production (exp. .4%), Capacity utilization (exp. 74.8%), the Philly Fed (exp. 16) and the NAHB housing market index (exp. 67).

  • Snapper is trying to make a cameo but the big board breadth has yet to confirm.

  • My friend pinged me after CNBC broke the story on a well respected (and formerly bearish) hedgie getting bullish and said "Can you imagine having your opinion out there like that?" Uhh....yeah?

  • Why is Ginger-Ale only popular with the upset stomach crowd?

  • McFly!

  • The hommies are taking a much needed respite.

  • Yes, I understand the difference between "bear market rallies end on good news" and "buy the rumor, sell the news." Odds are that this is the former before the latter but they're not mutually exclusive endeavors.

  • I know that the new VIX is VXO but the old VIX has a 17 handle.

  • Call it a cyclical bull in a secular bear or an Elmer induced mini-bubble. Either way, it's on borrowed time. As the deficit shows, however, we can borrow for a long time.

  • Is anybody else watching the KLA Tencor (KLAC:NASD) tug-o-war at 60?

  • Why did I use 12-day charts Dan Meehan? Because that's where the trendlines were! Don't get saucy with me, Béarnaise, just because Boston can't win a big game! (ps- they're still in place)

  • I can't even watch certain teletubbies anymore.

  • Europe, while well off its highs, has stabilized and remains green.

  • Add "the news is always worst at the bottoms and best at the tops" into the trading cliché fold.

  • I sure hope that Cubs fan is surrounded by his family and friends today. He's gotta be Harry Carey!

  • College hoops start soon--good luck to the defending National Champion Syracuse Orangemen.

  • IBM (IBM:NYSE) highlights tonight's line-up and tomorrow is the busiest day of all. There are cats, cokes, mo's, fannies, sallies, honey's, fords, peaches and sunshine all in one session!

  • Part of this upside lift (these past few months) has been a function of the "overwriters" who have turned to cover their (once cheap) paper.

  • Stay humble or the Minx will do it for you.

  • Yes, there are additional contributors under review. As (I hope) you've found, however, we're not about filler. Anybody who becomes a Minyanville professor will be well qualified and salt of the earth.

  • We finally got our sunny summer in October.

  • If there's a game seven tomorrow, it could be one of the toughest tickets in New York sports history.

  • Keep Citigroup (C:NYSE) on your radar as a trading tell.

  • Fokker is irate that they changed the CellStim-H spokesman.
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