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Wow, what a difference a week makes! Last Tuesday, you couldn't give these names away. A week (and over 10%) later, there's gold in them thar hills! No, I'm not a cynic---I'm a trader and a self-admitted zagger. That means I like to fade 'em both ways (buy into red messes, sell into green seas). Obviously, this approach underperforms in prolonged momentum environment, but selling hope and buying despair has been a prudent approach. can try anything as long as you're disciplined.

An early look finds (shocker!) stocks spiking as a function of this morning's "upbeat" assessments. Soft goods, however, have come for sale out of the gate. I haven't determined if this is just a natural rotation into more "aggressive" sectors, but it's worth monitoring regardless. The bond market also warrants attention as the chatter is that a "famous" European is making sales in that asset class. I haven't taken his calls today nor am I "involved," but I wanted to pass it along.

The early morning flow has been dominated by short covering and program buying, although it's early and the gorillas (read: institutions) are surely on their toes. Have you ever seen a gorilla on its toes? It's quite a sight! Early leads for the name if the newest member of the menagerie are Jarvis and Maestro. So you know and if you care.

Meanwhile, I am nervously eyeing the clock as my high noon showdown with the dentist looms. He tells me that I should be in and out in an hour, so I'll try get back to my post as soon as possible. Trust me when I tell you that I'd miss this if I can...I immensely dislike dentists---unless of course you're reading, Doctor, in which case I think you're fantastic.

I'll be back.

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