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More Random Thoughts


The weekend's almost here...

  • Active traders look for the next actionable idea.

  • It was the Newts, it was the Newts...

  • Going out of business sale?

  • Fari Hamzei is pleased to announce that Larry Williams, the gifted commodity futures trader, has graciously accepted his invitation to join the HA Chatroom on Tuesday, October 18th, right after the close. Click here to register if your current subscription does not cover SuperPlatinum level. Keep in mind Fari will be speaking in Montreal at this weekend.

  • Answers I'd Really Like to Know...

    • Is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled convincing the world that he isn't the devil?

    • Where's Mike Tyson when you need him?

    • Will the 15% October driller spill provide a nice entry point for Minyans with longer-term horizons?

    • What are your "top five movies for a snowy Sunday?"

    • Do you see that the XAU just edged through the October low?

    • Do you really believe that we don't live in a world of misinformation and psychology manipulation?

    • Will the drugs and consumer non-cycicals reemerge as safety plays?

    • Have you circled next Sunday, October 23rd for a NYC Minyanfest?

    • So, is this what a Honeydew relationship feels like?

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Toddo, Seems the big bottleneck this month is in the XLE 49 and 50 options. Any likelihood in hanging there next Friday? Best, Minyan Dave" Snapper MD, XLE 46.75 seems like an important level from a pure technical (not structural) standpoint. I would think that this is the first battle before we cast our eyes to the expiration war.

  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

  • Bubba!

  • Talk about a turnaround Tuesday! As I hate leaving my post-and as President Fish insists that I attend an uber-important left coast mind meld-I'm gonna be doing the LA two-step on Tuesday. Hey, after the eight hour lag last week, this skip should be a trip down easy street!

  • My personal top five movies for a snowy Sunday: The Graduate, Fletch, Young Frankenstein, The Blues Brothers, Uncle Buck.

  • Yet another Mailbag from Minyan Rob Fraim:

    "More bad boys/bad dealings in the financial world (not to mention the Wood River mess and the nasty blow-up at Refco - which sent a huge shiver through the market over the last couple of days.):

  • Two thoughts as we cast one eye towards next week's try. First, its expiration and that could jack volatility in the meat of the week. Second, any Refco (RFX) contagion will likely emerge in the coming weeks as we gain clarity on counter-party exposure and sniff out potential dominos.

  • Please ping me if you have an interest in a pre-Minyanfest flag football game next Sunday.

  • Meehan's method of last resort.

  • Purposes and Journeys.

  • Is this bounce worth playing? I would offer that the answer to that question is a function of your time horizon and stylistic approach. Active bovine can set their stops below the NDX and/or SOX 200-day (1531/433) while patient ursine may prefer to scale into short exposure under NDX 1550 and/or S&P 1200.

  • Minyanville is proud to welcome Adam Warner as our newest contributor to the site. Adam is a proprietary option trader with Addormar Co, Inc. He traded as a member of the American Stock Exchange from 1988-2001, and in several off-floor locations since then. From there, he co-wrote the options column on Street Insight from spring 2003 to spring 2005, and currently pens a blog dedicated primarily to education about options. Adam graduated Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Economics.

  • Have a great weekend Minyans!

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