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Random Thoughts


The great debate continues to rage as to whether last's weeks lift was "A" rally or "THE" rally. I suppose the answer to this question (and how you approach the market) can also be a function of your time frame. For the most granular of traders (bunny hole), we must make active decisions as to the merits of this recent liftage. For longer term folks (forest), a disciplined deployment of capital (as a function of price) is likely a more appropriate method.

• The term "keep your right hand up" was something my grandfather Ruby always used to say to me. It's a phrase that originated during his golden glove days and means "guard and protect yourself." Also, for those who have asked, the "R.P" at the end of each post is a tribute to my grandfather (and best friend) who passed away last year.

• A story just came across the newswire that the German government plans to revive tax on company asset sales. I'm not quite sure of the implications, but the DAX is on the move. Keep this on your radar as it'll surely affect sentiment

• Let's take a vote: Who was the best guitarist of all time? Candidates include Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Mark Knopfler, Jimi, Stevie Ray and Carlos Santana.

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