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Random Thoughts


Has the virtual real estate bubble finally arrived?

  • Why does Google for YouTube remind me of Yahoo! for

  • And are you hearing the Facebook chatter heating up? I've heard Google (again, no seriously) but I can't imagine Yahoo! would let that trade.

  • By the way, have we mentioned that we'll be unveiling The Exchange on our existing community? No really, see the home page module. And we're not doing it to chase a trend, my friends (that's not our style). We have a community in the vertical of finance. This will simply allow them to socially and professionally network with one another.

  • But that's not really my point. We saw a bubble in 2000. We're seeing a real estate bubble unwind now. Has the virtual real estate bubble finally arrived?

  • Lest you missed it, Legg Mason (LM) is getting waxed for 18% on the heels of their earnings miss. While it's the lowest weighting in the XBD (6.7%), it's knocking the brokerage proxy for 10 points, or 4%. We've still got some room to support (XBD 220) but I wanna make sure it's on the Minyan radar.

  • As per Professor Bennet's energy bent on the Buzz, please toss XLE Fitty ($50) on your radar as a decent defined risk technical level. We know that multiple tests weaken support (resistance) but it's worthy of a mention in the context of his comments.

  • Margin compression in the online brokerage space? Ya think? (Yes, we thought.)

  • Citigroup, on the heels of the Keefe downgrade, should be a strong tape tell today. Particularly with the BKX toggling at the all-important 114 level.

  • The weekly Investor's Intelligence survey found a jump in bullish sentiment to 52.2% vs. 49.5% prior and a drop in bearish sentiment to 30.4% from 33.3% in the prior week.

  • December 1st, Minyans--it's for the kids. Our buddy from 'Bama will be there, along with a slew of his crew.

  • A team of American and Iraqi epidemiologists estimates that 655,000 more people have died in Iraq since coalition forces arrived in March 2003 than would have died if the invasion had not occurred. The estimate, produced by interviewing residents during a random sampling of households throughout the country, is far higher than ones produced by other groups, including Iraq's government, Washington Post reports.

  • "I don't usually "do TV" because I have found that people in charge of TV shows generally don't like to give me unfettered access to their viewers. But in a change of pace I'll be representing the 'Ville up in the PBS House tonight on the Nightly Business Report. Seriously. To prepare I'll be shaving my head this afternoon and introducing PBS to my new TV-personality, The Lone Coyote (it's like a "Lone Wolf," but more manly in a Western-themed way)." Pepe Depew on today's Buzz.


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