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Random Thoughts


The battle (think Braveheart) is one of competing metrics...

  • The homies continue to set a constructive tone for the tape, having poked through the upside of the recent pennant formation (and, from the sound of it, the upside of young Boo). HGX 218ish (there now) is a "multiple top" since the swanky days of June.

  • Please note the dollar action as the DXY tacks on an additional 50 bips. Hey, the five year uptrend didn't "matter" in the CRB and the five year downtrend may not "matter" for the dollar. But the pieces are most certainly fitting together, with time serving as the ultimate arbiter of our financial fate.

  • Yes, I'm wondering what (potentially looming) acne in the greenback would do to the "cyclical vs. secular" debate in commodities.

  • Former Fed Deity Alan Greenspan took a break from the links at Del Boca Vista to offer that the housing bubble wasn't his fault. Who's fault was it? The Germans, naturally. While it wasn't "over" when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, the collapse of the Berlin Wall apparently sealed the fate for the home owner. And no, Minyans, I'm not making this up.

  • "Where else can you start a company, employ the world as your producer and sell your company for $1.6 Billion within two yeas before ever squeezing out a profit? The market's reaction to Google's recent acquisition broke the stock out of a modest consolidation pattern, as if the move was instantly accretive. There's no arguing with the Google chart; it looks technically buyable." Lehman's aptly named chartist Jeff DeGraaf.

  • From a "pure technical" standpoint, I'm not gonna argue with Jeff--he's a snazzy chartist. History will dictate, however, whether this eye-popping price for an unprofitable concern proves to be a talking point on a risk aversion timeline.

  • Be careful what you wish for? Television's JeffMacke's Twins and my beloved Yankees will indeed play each other. In golf.

  • Speaking of Macke, we love having him in the MVHQ offices. If only I could find the heart to tell him that the gumballs he incessantly chews through are older than Minyanville itself (that would be five years).

  • "Bonds had become a bit overbought from a short-term perspective and my firm thinks this is the pause that refreshes. We are running directly into short-term trend lines and to be correct in this move, these lines must hold. See them here: See the 2 year chart here. See the 10 year chart here." Professor Bennet Sedacca on today's Buzz.

  • As discussed on the 'Berg and shared in the 'Ville, the "set-up" for the long-side try is there. It's not without risk (what is?) but, as we strive to share both sides of each trade, it's out there.

  • The battle (think Braveheart) is one of competing metrics---particularly if the dollar continues to lift. As I just said to Minyan Dougie Kass, IF the greenback stays on his horse, equities will likely face tough sledding regardless of earnings. That doesn't mean it's today's (this week's) business but it's an input that should be on all Minyan radars.

  • Minyan Howard Cross, formerly of the NFL football Giants, will be swinging by the 'Ville tonight before dining with President Fish and I. On tap for discussion? The December 1st CCA where, after an afternoon filled with financial insight, he has RSVP'd alongside Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley and John Starks to honor our buddy Trent. I'm not sellin', I'm just tellin' as it is, after all, for the kids.


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