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Hugs and Squeezes



Mama's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest
And when Snapper comes home he never gets no rest
'Cause she's playing all night, and the music's all right
Mama's got a squeeze box, Snapper never sleeps at night

(The WHO)

Another day, another twelve hundred hair follicles. I'll tell ya, nothing comes for free in this world---particularly profits! Consistent with our thesis that a bear makes everybody's life difficult, today's early morning pressers are licking their wounds as Snapper stuck one right in their teeth and never looked back. Speaking of teeth...when I get the four wisdoms yanked two weeks from tomorrow, does that count as losing weight? Hey...maybe there is a silver lining!

It's hard to imagine that today's move was the "easier" trade, but as this lift relieved some of the oversold bungee, the bulls have one less feather in their cap. Obviously, that doesn't mean this rally cant continue and squeeze people back into the tape (long and short). We have a ton of information flowing down the pipe in the next six sessions and, if we can find some validation in our midst, Hoofy might actually make a stand.

I spent some time digesting the last post and I think it sums up where we are. I've always been a big believer of the "Three phases of Eve" and, depending on your perspective, we're in the early stages of denial (bullish) or the latter stages of panic (bearish). Truth be told, the Minx likely hasn't made up her mind yet and the answer to this question will be a function of the news flow.

In any event, it's another session in the books and another day on the calendar. I pride myself on my honesty and I've gotta say....I'm friedola. While we strive to remove emotion from our process, the process itself is emotionally draining. Balance during times like these refreshes the soul and brings clarity to the mind. Turn the market off for the night and spend some time smiling. You've surely earned it.

Have a peaceful night.


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