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Random Thoughts


Party time!


  • Two Years ago today...

  • Vols (yawn) are down (yawn) 7% (yawn) and breaching Bar Mitzvah levels.

  • Smoked Fish!

  • We've been eyeing the XBD (broker index) for signs of inverse dandruff (the same pattern is emerging in Goldman Sachs (GS:NYSE)). If this puppy can poke through SBD 130 (95ish), the bulls may scream "No more tears!"

  • China claims to possess the world's smallest town-Yumen. This town, in Tibet, has only three residents--an elderly man and his two daughters. The town has a local council, chief executive and an official seal.

  • It's a snazzy and jazzy day all the way around as the Minx is celebrating the critter's big moment with jig across the board, jiggy internals, acne everywhere (S&P, NDX, CYC?)

  • Children laugh about 400 times a day, while adults laugh on average only 15 times a day.

  • The word buxom at one time meant obedient.

  • S&P 1130 is a zone where the Minx failed multiple times in September.

  • SOX 400ish is a zone where Pedro has backpedaled before.

  • I'm not sure if Kerry won or Bush lost but either way, the former looked better than the latter. Could THAT be why the market is rallying? Is the Minx impressed with Kerry? Don't know---just askin' and puttin' it out there.

  • Do I make you horny baby?

  • The Trannies have taken out their previous (5-year) highs. If the "Dow theory" is to kick in, the industrials would have to make a similar move (they've got a ways to go). Please note that the 200-day moving average comes into play at Dow 10,300.

  • With best friends like this,....

  • Most of my stochastics are "middle of the road" (no compelling signal)

  • One man gathers what another man spills.

  • Watch Google (GOOG:NASD) as it trades towards $135. That's where it recently ran into a slew of supply.

  • Software is on fire today. The SWH (software holder) is up 3.2%.

  • The metals, despite their recent jig and a firmer greenback (today), hang tough. Don't forget that the G7 is on deck and there are expectations of negative dollar banter.

  • Any thoughts on a venue for Minyanville's birthday party tonight?
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