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Random Thoughts


With everybody waiting for the VIX to hit 50, it's either not gonna get there or it'll overshoot to the upside.

While I am a steadfast Yankee fan, Alex Rodriguez is the American League M.V.P. Period.

During bear market countertrend rallies, the best longs are the best (and most crowded) fundamental shorts.

My two favorite football teams remain the Oakland Raiders and anybody playing the Broncos.

While my humble view is that we remain in the early innings of a multiyear bear, the idea of an up 2003 is starting to crystallize in my mind.

Daisy is taken. Get the thought out of your head and leave her alone. She's not interested!

Timing is everything. While I continue to sense that there will be a stiff rally before yearend, the "likelihood" is that it begins from lower levels.

Junior is eating tortilla chips from a bag that's actually in the garbage, ala George Costanza. I kid you not.

If you're "outsized" in one position and spend your entire day focusing on it, cut it in half and move on. There are plenty of other names to trade.

A big thanks from the entire Menagerie goes out to Casey Cannon. I couldn't have done it without you Case you are the best!

As expected, we're starting to hear "reasons for the rhyme" as traders look back and point to the "double bottom" holding. Yes, I see the upside jig in the tape but I'll remind you that in this market, as in life, tomorrow is promised to no one.


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