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Patience and Patients


Choppy and sloppy, whippy and trippy---call today's price action anything you want. Understand, though, that the difference between saying something and doing something is all the difference in the world. I can tell you this: If you're getting bullish on upticks and bearish on downticks, pare back your risk, take a step back, and find that elusive mojo.

Sitting in the conference room with the critters and a pile of french fries, I offered the Menagerie my thought that actionable trades are typically a function of time or price. The worst thing that we can do, as money managers, is to try and squeeze water from the stone and create something out of nothing. Opportunities will present themselves over the course of time and at the right price. The trick, boys and girls, is not to bleed to death by a thousand paper cuts.

Meanwhile, back in the tape, the S's (S&P) are outpacing the N's (Nazz) as the breadth in four-letter land is starting to stand out (negatively). I promise that nobody likes to trade more than I do, but if I've leaned anything over the years, I've learned discipline. least discipline as it relates to business anyway (Martin, more ketchup!).

One last thing. Charlie Garner has got to be the most underrated back in the N.F.L. Granted, as a lifelong Raider fan, I'm somewhat biased, but seriously...this guy can shake! Cut me, baby, and I'll bleed Silver and Black!

Hope you're all having a good day.


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