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Chew Stick!


If this keeps up, I'm gonna have one happy bull on my hands!


Wow, I never knew how much I'd miss Fokker until he jumped out of the office to pick up our Smith & Wollensky print! Don't tell him (gotta keep the kid on his toes) but he's doing a decent job so far. I wanted to clarify this point because yesterday, after reading the column, he approached my desk with puppy dog eyes and asked if I was upset with him. Relax Fokker--if I was pissed, you would know it!

I've notice that the BKX didn't rally with that last lift in the Spoos and, while that may be a reach, I wanted to point it out. The internals have also paused a bit and, currently, they've pulled back towards a 2:1 positive bias. Deja vu, Boo...we saw the same thing yesterday (the other way)!

Other than that, Garth, it's go along/get along for Hoofy and I know he's watching NDX 1080 with great interest. That's Tuesday's high and IF they get 'em through, it's a feather in his cap. If they fail, however, the ursine uglies will start chatting up the (negative) "double top." That, in a nutshell, is my chief beef with's hindsight city sometimes. They're good when they're up and bad when they're down and, for a zagger like me, that's sometimes an issue (one of many!).

I'm quite conscious of the "hope" potential (in both camps) and I'm trying to police myself in that regard. Emotional tapes are always dangerous and we must all remember we're just pawns to the mighty Minx. One step at a time, cookie, and a careful step at that!

Lunch just got here and I'm gonna go enjoy my protein with Pepe and the techies. They've been "stand up" since I've gotten here and I've always believed in positive reinforcement.

Hope you're hitting 'em hard!

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