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Random Thoughts


How much money have you lost over-trading, pressing and guessing?

  • It's a gloomy day in Gotham as Hoofy and Boo settle into their respective seats for the week. Thus far, we're seeing some good (brokers, semis, storage), some bad (money center banks, pharma, breadth, retail) and coyote ugly (homies).

  • The broader, macro stuff is thus far a non-event, with the dollar flattish and emerging markets recapturing some of last week's smeltage.

  • What do you say to God when he sneezes?

  • I'm watching S&P 1400 and BKX 115 as bovine backstops for this move. As discussed this morning, the difference between a May reprise and the performance anxiety "ketchup unwind" is a function of degree. Those levels may be the fulcrums.

  • I don't think Florida has the Mott's but, then again, I said the same thing during March Madness. I'll stick my neck out and say 30-23, Ohio State , for all you sports fans in the hood.

  • Save Ferris.

  • I don't know if it was the Dukes (it was the Dukes) but the brokers flipped the upside switch in early Monday trading. Keep an eye on that emerging flag pattern in the XBD. Those technical tussles typically "break" in the direction of the preceding trend.

  • I finally saw Crash this weekend and it was certainly worth the wait. Don Cheadle may be one of the most gifted actors of our generation.

  • Minyan Marc Faber, who presciently predicted the '87 crash, is offering that global assets are poised for a "severe correction" and says it's time to make sales.

  • The writing on the dollar wall?

  • As I just offered to Minyan Doug Kass (on instant message), I continue to pick up chatter that the big dog (Fido, or Fidelity) is unwinding its long energy bet. He responded that it's been in motion for weeks. This is speculation, naturally, but I wanted to pass it along.

  • What's the Indian word for "Footloose?"

  • Answers I Really Wanna Know…

    • It sure feels like someone--or some fund--is leaning on energy, eh

    • If crude gets smushed lower, won't equities (as an asset class) follow?

    • I know, it seems counter-intuitive, right?

    • Do you see the downside gap in H&R Block under $22.70?

    • Doesn't this piss you off?

    • Was HGX 240 "too" easy as a fade (read: sale)?

    • How much money have you lost over-trading, pressing and guessing?

    • Have you learned from those mistakes?

    • How the heck did I EVER watch football in a non-HD sorta way

    • What, pray tell, does last week's positive tech divergence portend?

    • Who the heck is buying IBM, up 30% off the July low?

    • Will we look back at SunMicro and say "woulda, shoulda, coulda" picked up all you wanted with a five-handle?

    • What's for lunch?


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