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The Jig Saw


May peace be with you!


You can see the summit
But you can't reach it
It's the last piece of the puzzle
But you just can't make it fit

(Howard Jones)

The afternoon croon is singing its tune as the Hoofy downs shots at the minxy saloon. Call me crazy (please don't) but I'm having the strangest sense of vuja de. It's like we've been here before but never thought we'd see it again. It's a mini-me jubilee and it's on the screens for all to see. I'm not sure if our resident bull is wearing rose colored glasses or beer goggles but, either way, he's already seeing triple (digit gains) in his head!

While the major averages are (thus far) on either side of unchanged, the action is (once again) under the hood. Telecom continues to attract fire flies as traders gather 'round to hear the ghost stories of yesteryear. The group was left for dead but the bovine séance has lifted the spirits (and shares) of that entire food chain. The pace of the race is mind boggling but, alas, we've seen this movie before and at the end of flick we'll likely find more debits than credits.

The semis have gravitated to our magical level and seem intent on doing work there. As it stands, they've broken out but, allowing for wiggle room, it's still too close to call. I've seen both real and fast money involved (read: institutions and hedge funds) but I've also picked up some long selling into strength. I know sale is a four-letter word these days but I'll always tell ya what I'm seeing.

The major theme remains the rotation out of consumer type sectors (homies and retailers) and into the capital investment arena (see above). Call it gravitation, levitation, frustration or mast....never mind--the point is, the action is pronounced and it's coming to a head. Again, an intramarket rotation (and sideways basing) is the healthiest of options for Hoofy's heroes but he may strain his arm patting himself on the back.

Traders are starting to chat up how "huge" tomorrow's numbers will be (no edge) but I'll remind you once more that playing an economic catalyst is convoluted. I wouldn't be shocked to see a "pop and drop" although today's close will influence tomorrow's initial trading. With that said, the panic portion of a trading phase--even in a shorter-term cycle--can last longer than one might expect so be sure to factor that into your risk profile.

In what might be the closest poll in Minyanville history, Pete Rose was narrowly denied access to the Hall in today's poll. His athletic supporters are demanding a recount but the readers have spoken and it's duly noted. I see both sides of the argument but I erred to the side of judging him on his achievements. Do I think he should be allowed to manage? Not on a bet (sorry) but Charlie Hustle had some muscle.

That's about it from the Minyan ship as I jockey and juggle towards the closing bell. For those Minyans attending Steve Starker and his Bass Brethren tonight, I'll see you there. As for the rest of ye faithful, good luck tomorrow and make sure you enjoy the down time this weekend. And think positive. Net worth is good but self worth is always better.

Fare ye well.

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