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Random Thoughts


I've gotten in your head, haven't I?


  • The other side of the Rose.

  • S&P 1030 and 1050 are resistance areas (if and when) as is SOX 536.

  • They're break-dance fighting!

  • The trading balance is that there are ample reasons for a correction vs. the possibility that the panic phase has some more panic to it.

  • Prayers to our troops.

  • Do you remember the "rolling rationalizations" during the first bubble?

  • The financials hang tough as we meander at multiyear highs.

  • Brian's corporate bond analysis is the biggest thorn in Boo's side. It's not a trading's a backdrop observation that warrants respect.

  • Media Metrix? Those were some crazy times.

  • If you spend your day looking back, you won't get ahead.

  • Thank you Lance. Means more than you know.

  • If you're stressing because a desired position is moving without you, initiating partial exposure (and leaving room to scale) is a decent approach.

  • The homies are bipolar.

  • When Ruby was in the hospital, I realized how sorry the state of healthcare can be at times. Not good.

  • Bertha Coombs--you're Delta Tau Chi pledge name is.....Puffy!

  • Watch the internets as a leading tech tell (Amazon (AMZN:NASD) trades heavy).

  • Loud chewers bother me. Always have, don't know why.

  • The dollar has given some green back but remains higher on the day.

  • S&P 1075 is the first 'real' area of support. On a shorter timeframe, S&P 1114 (NDX 1480) is the trendline support from the December 10 mini-low.

  • I'll be bahn-krupt!

  • N's over S's (semis over cyclicals).

  • I still get antsy when I hear sirens or loud planes. I wonder how long that will last?

  • Minyan Dan Meehan met the kid he's gonna tutor at the East Harlem Tutorial Society yesterday.

  • I'm not your brah.
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