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Random Thoughts


If they keep going, those head and shoulder patterns will be all for naught.


  • I asked Fokker, in his first official act, to make sure he ordered salmon and tuna sashimi with our sushi print. I just got the delivery--one piece of tuna, one piece of salmon...i kid you not. Where's Martin?!?!

  • Would I have played today differently if I was in last week? It's hard to say...but the "razor burn thesis" was a year-end call and, while it was more muted than I expected, it did play out. I'm not sure if I would have bitten on Thursday's ISM shocker (always honest) but, with the tape that oversold and the stochastics "petzeling" a bit, I probably wouldn't have pressed. Either way, walking into my first day back and triple resistance looming, the fade attempt is/was good risk/reward whether it works or not.

  • As long as the SOX stays 330 or below, I like the short side.

  • Stop trading, take a breath and ask yourself an honest question. When CHiP's was originally on television, did you think Ponch was cool? Tell the truth are only lying to yourself.

  • The retailers and biotechs don't have it today.

  • Pull up a six month chart of the BKX. See that 800 level? Put it on your radar cookmo. Live it, learn it, love it.

  • I had a pet octopus named Tetris while I was on vacation.

  • I think that we're gonna see a fair amount of preannouncments soon. Just one trader's (humble) opinion.

  • I watched Misery last night...what a great flick.

  • I saw some real buyers this morning but it's quieted down some.

  • Vivaaaaaaaa Las Vegas!

  • Was I rooting for the Browns yesterday? Absolutely! I have a dilemma. Do I get BACK on a plane and fly to Oakland for Sunday's matchup against the Jet's? If the Raider's win, I'll have to fly out there AGAIN for the A.F.C championship and IF they win that game, it's San Diego for Toddo. That's three left coast trips in three weeks and, while I'm a die hard Silver and Black fan, that's a lotta traveling! What say the readers? Should I go to the game? I'll let the you decide! Send your vote to!

  • I miss my stochastics.

  • We're getting a lot of great feedback on the Minyanville Tee's. Check 'em out at Harrison's Department Store...10% of the proceed go to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education.

  • When the elementary school rolls out, you'll be able to enjoy Minyanville content with your kids. How cool is that?

  • Bush stimulus plan? Pah-leeze!

  • Great win for the Buckeyes...who woulda thunk it?

  • If wishes were knishes, I'd be 20 lbs. heavier.

  • Rich Gannon, M.V.P. Wasabi!

  • Don't trade emotional and remember tha the fear of missing is the forbidden fruit.
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