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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


If good traders know how to make money, don't great traders know how to take a loss?

  • Will another phase lower in housing really shock anyone?

  • With the homebuilders surrounded by 9000 hedge funds, do the sub-prime lenders make for better short side plays?

  • Was last night's NBR interview spun more bullish than intended?

  • After all, isn't the upcoming asset class action all about the dollar?

  • If the greenback grabs higher, won't equities follow the swallow of the recent commodity swoon?

  • If the buck shucks lower, why can't the rising tide continue to lift asset class boats?

  • Did I really cancel my LSU bet because they shifted the line to nine at the last minute?

  • If you wanna call trophy hunting a sport, shouldn't we give the critter a Glock?

  • Were there more sell programs yesterday than during the entire month of December?

  • Is XAU 140 the new ursine backstop for those sold on gold?

  • Will I sleep better after nibbling on some upside Weatherford (WFT) calls yesterday when the stock was off 7%?

  • How about with those H&R Block (HRB) puts?

  • Was yesterday's NDX point range really the biggest since 2002?

  • Why can't I shake the sense that the "two-handle" in Goldman is gonna be dust in the wind, dude?

  • Is everyone ready for Television's JeffMacke® five times a week?

  • Are YOU gonna join our Minyanfest tonight at The Red Lion as Charlie and his Rolling Bones take the stage?

  • Do your daily market tells include the dollar, emerging markets, the financials and the CRB?

  • Why don't you just tell us the name of the movie you'd like to see?

  • Isn't your first sale supposed to be your worst sale?

  • Aren't we supposed to lose money on our hedges?

  • If good traders know how to make money, don't great traders know how to take a loss?

  • I've heard of pennies from heaven but pennies from Hades?

  • Did Forest and Jenny ever eat peas and carrots?


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