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More Random Thoughts


If the SOX turns green, I'm gonna scream!


  • The people have spoken--and due to overwhelming demand, this will be the last random thoughts post in Minyanville History. NOT!

  • The most bullish things on my board are the coiled stochatics, bungee oscillator (-9), positive breadth, strong dollar and "dry" retailers.

  • Elmo at Warburg tells me that he doesn't think the trading community is short.

  • Hmm...maybe the professor and Gilligan had a thing. That explains everything!

  • Pull up a 5 day chart of the S&P and draw a trendline from Wednesday's top through yesterday's top. See that?

  • I just called Adam (my brother) to tell him about the James Brown concert...and he's sick as a dog. :-(

  • The anti-American sentiment is growing...and it's not good.

  • Is there a squeeze potential? Sure...and while I'm still on the Shim Sham train, I don't want to give back any hard earned money. As such, I'm gonna set a stop on my bear appendages at S&P 855. My risk? 5 handles. My upside? 845 handles. Discipline over conviction, cookie.

  • Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.

  • My mother brought the "Ruby letters" to dinner the other night. For those that don't know, those were the wonderful emails that my old readers sent to my grandfather while he was battling in the hospital. As I read them again, I was reminded of how many good people are out there--and why I do what I do every day.

  • Junior just pinged me that the S&P failed at 850 again. I'm glad to see I rubbed off!

  • Watch C here--it's the BKX in a nutshell (no, this is me in a nutshell!)

  • Stevie Ray Vaughn. What a tragedy.

  • If I lived in the '60's, it would be groovy, man!
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