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You just don't know when to quit, do you Toddo?


If you're blue and you don' know,
Where to go to, why don't you go,
Where fashion sits ?
Putting On The Schnitz.

(Irving Berlin)

Holy Igor, Frau, the banks just broke a triple bottom at BKX 725 and regardless of what you're trading, you should be aware of that. As you know, I typically don't like to play breakdowns (breakouts) when the tape is this oversold (overbought) but, if you define your risk, it removes some of that bungee (Snapper) risk. I think this is the most important sector in the market and it confirmed a break--so you know.

The early tone is fine, thank you very much, as the Minx is in shrug mode on the heels of AMAT. I don't "think" this rally is going to hold and I'm slipping a leg back into my metaphorical bear costume as we lift towards S&P 850.

Semis...banks...charts...quack quack, baby!

Be back.

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