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Random Thoughts


Just take a deep breath, Minyans, and forge ahead. Tenacity and resolve will certainly set you apart.

  • Weatherford, which is one of my favorite drillers, reported this morning and is cutting the upside rug to the tune of 6%. It's now at the technically significant $40 level and will remain vulnerable until that hump is mounted. I continue to trade this puppy with a long bias.

  • Wouldn't this technique work better in eastern Europe?

  • If good things happen to good people, Adam Katz might be the poster child of that mantra. My good buddy was named CEO of MS Howells today and continues to lead by example. Snaps, brother.

  • My sense--and this is purely a sense--is that Big Ben will talk tough. I don't necessarily think he wants to, I simply think he needs to. As such, confidence and credibility remain critical elements for the broader psychology.

  • I'm conscious that a hawkish bent by the FOMC tomorrow will dent the energy and metal space. While I'll likely pare some of my directional trading exposure into today's lift, I wanna keep my longer-term bucket weighted to those two groups.

  • With our tea leaves skewed slightly positive (breadth, emerging markets), some further upside meander wouldn't shock me as we hike to the hump. I don't think S&P 1433 will be taken out, however, as sellers are likely waiting in the wings.

  • Get busy living or get busy dying? That seems to be the emerging dichotomy in the hedge fund community and society at large. Just take a deep breath, Minyans, and forge ahead. Tenacity and resolve will certainly set you apart.

  • Mr. Valentine has set the zone at S&P 1400-1433. A poke on either side of that parade will set off all sorts of stops.

  • It's Janet - Miss Jackson if you're nasty!

    OK, maybe it's not nasty. But it's certainly Gross. As in Bill Gross. As in Bill Gross from PIMCO. As in Bill Gross from PIMCO that seems to be echoing many of the thoughts we've chewed through in the 'Ville. My father used to tell me that if enough people tell you you're drunk, you'd better go lay down. I don't know if Hoofy will heed this advice but it's certainly sobering stuff.

  • "Thematically, it's about the very simple idea that, in this post-modern world of ours, human beings-all of us-are worth less. We're worth less every day, despite the fact that some of us are achieving more and more. It's the triumph of capitalism. Whether you're a corner boy in West Baltimore , or a cop who knows his beat, or an Eastern European brought here for sex, your life is worth less. It's the triumph of capitalism over human value. This country has embraced the idea that this is a viable domestic policy. It is. It's viable for the few. But I don't live in Westwood, L.A., or on the Upper West Side of New York. I live in Baltimore ." David Simon, Executive Producer, The Wire.


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